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Regjistrimi i hershëm për prekurset, deri datë 24 Mars 2023, është VETËM për pjesmarrësit nga Shqipëria, Kosova, Maqedonia e Veriut dhe Mali i Zi. Fee e rregjistrimit është: 150€.
Pas kësaj periudhe, regjistrimi hapet për gjithë, edhe për huajt, dhe Fee e rregjistrimit do jetë: 200€

vëmendje, ju quheni rregjistruar një kurs, vetëm atëherë kur keni bashkelidhur këtë e-mail

contact@shumasem.com, faturën e paguar Bankën CREDINS, me specifikimin e emrit kursit cilin ju jeni rregjistruar (psh Rregjistrim kursi ALS; Rregjistrim kursi APEK, etj).
Është e detyrueshme pjesëmarrësit prekurse jenë rregjistruar paraprakisht kongres!
Ju mund rregjistroheni vetëm një NJË kurs.
Programet e prekurseve i gjeni ne faqen e kongresit shumasem.com


dhënat bankare:

Banka Credins
Emri i llogarisë: Shoqata Shqiptare “Urgjenca Mjekesore”
Numri i llogarisë bankare: 000 0063 4881
IBN code: AL08 2121 1009 0000 0000 0063 4881

E rëndëishme për tu mbajtur mend:

Regjistrimi i hershëm deri datë 24 Mars 2023, është vetëm për pjesmarrësit nga Shqipëria, Kosova, Maqedonia e Veriut dhe Mali i Zi me Fee e rregjistrimi: 150€.
Pas kësaj periudhe, regjistrimi hapet për gjithë edhe për huajt dhe Fee rregjistrimit do jetë: 200€


Regjistrimet për kursin ALS (Advance Life Support) janë mbyllur!

Advanced Pediatric Emergency Care Course
Objectives: The course will enable each enrolled participant to develop an in-depth knowledge of selected aspects of Paediatric Emergency Medicine. The course therefore complements prior knowledge; and introduces elements relevant to advanced practice in Paediatric Emergency medicine. It is not designed to be all inclusive – it is simply impossible to cover every aspect of Paediatric Emergency Medicine in one day programme. Topics will vary from course to course depending on relevance and new information eg new guidelines/research etc.Overview: Provide an academic description, an outline of the content covered by the course and a description of the learning experience students can expect to get:Each iteration of the course will be different to reflect the constant changing of evidence and new guidelines available in PEM. The selected topics will reflect areas where: ·

New knowledge is available
· Guidelines have been developed or revised
· There is clinical importance Each topic will:
· Be delivered by a specialist in PEM
· Be relevant to day-to-day care in a typical paediatric emergency department

Learning outcomes*
Provide details of the Graduate Attributes and Skills provided by the course:

This Course will enable the student to:
· Consolidate up to date knowledge on selected important and relevant topics in Paediatric Emergency medicine
· Reflect on current “best practice” in areas of PEM where the evidence base is poor
Develop an understanding of challenges and dilemmas faced in PEM practice

Pretest (if applicable):NO
But pre requisites: The course participant should have:

· Some experience of working in an environment where ill and injured children of all ages are seen and treated
· A willingness to discuss management and challenge tutors in small group discussion

Regjistrimet për kursin APEC (Advanced Paediatric Emergency Care)  janë mbyllur!


.Regjistrimet për kursin  ECHO (Practical Ultrasound) janë mbyllur!


The EMCC (Emergency Medicine Core Competences) course is an intensive 3-day simulation-based nonprofit course in Emergency Medicine, established by Dr. Eric Dryver from Lund, Sweden.
At upcoming SEEEDMC in Tirana, we will organise a shorter, hybrid version of EMCC, focusing on highest- yield topics, deliverd online and in person;

* EKG in EM (online, 17 May)
* approach to Acid-Base and Gas analysis. (online, 17 May)
* Likelihoods & decisions (workshop; 90′)
* Neurological station (workshop; 90′)
* Resuscitation 1 (workshop; 90′)
* Resuscitation 2 (workshop; 90’)

The key aspects of the course are focus on scenario-based learning and group discussion. Atendees can expect intense course based on real-life scenarios with active participation.

The course at SEEEDMC will be delivered in two parts;
A) online: a three hour session on 17th may 2023 (18h-21h) covering:
a. EKG in EM (1,5h) and
b. approach to Acid-Base and Gas analysis.
B) B) live workshop on 27th may covering “decision-making in EM”, Neurology cases and whole afternoon of resuscitation cases.

Course syllabus handles wider scenarios not covered in other resuscitation courses and is thus appropriate for residents with at least minimal experience in EM.

.Regjistrimet për kursin EMCC(Emergency Medicine Core Competences) janë mbyllur!

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